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About Us

How did we get here?'s a long and complicated story.
It began, as the best stories do, on a dark and stormy night...
The building we are in is a 3 1/2 story soap factory. It has a lot of history and we're pretty sure at one point there were illegal poker games on the 3rd floor. Or so the ghosts tell us. But we're getting off track...
So, there we were sitting in the soap factory day dreaming about the fun things we could do with the enormous building and it hit us like a pigeon flying into a window. We'll make a shop full of snarky, fun, and sweary gifts.
I guess it wasn't as long or complicated as we thought. Oops.
Where's the shop located?
Right off the Square in Downtown Newark, Ohio!
Across the street from the hardware store.
Catty-corner from the library (that's a big building that has loads of books, btw).
I guess you could just use this here map too...
Our team
Tabitha, Owner
Jessica, Manager