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Whiskey River Soap Co.

Pisces Astrology Safety Matches


One fish. Two fish. Pisces fish. These Pisces Astrology Safety Matches have you covered no matter the flame-related issue: strikeable dreamers who stay lit and safe when you need to light that special something! Swimmingly reliable, you'll love these matches and the fun, astrology-inspired spin they bring to lighting up your life.

Description written by AI 

February 19 - March 20

Pisces Traits:
• Dreamer
• Sensitive
• Procrastinator
• Charitable
• Intuitive
• Easily-led 

Wooden matchsticks with colored heads to match each glass jar's label.
Jar size: 4 1/4" H x 2" W x 2" D
Strike on bottom.

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Pisces Astrology Safety Matches